Plans for 2021 - New NJMMA President Ray Codey Details What 2021 Will Look Like for the Organization

NJMMA President and Madison Administrator Ray Codey

Since the 2020 New Jersey Municipal Management Association Awards Ceremony took place in the middle of December, the newly installed 2021 NJMMA Executive Board has been hard at work, including Madison Borough Administrator Ray Codey, installed as the new Board President. 

"We need to be at the table where public policy decisions are being made and make our combined voices heard," Codey told the virtually assembled NJMMA members and friends. "Alex [McDonald] started that process as president and I want to continue that work toward being more active in those discussions."

"If you're not at the table, you're probably on the menu," he said. 

Codey has four priorities for 2021. First and foremost, he wants the association to get back to its main reason for existence, the networking and sharing of knowledge between New Jersey’s municipal managers. NJMMA as an organization was meeting, at the very least, once per quarter pre-COVID, with some monthly gatherings and meetings, the Spring conference, and a winter awards ceremony in conjunction with the New Jersey League of Municipalities conference. Undoubtedly, the pandemic posed challenges to the group’s typical meeting schedule, but Codey wants the association to return to regularly scheduled programming with online seminars, and a conference in the fall. 

Second, Codey wants NJMMA to work with state legislators to separate the municipal retirement system from the state system. New Jersey has not met their obligation, Codey said, and the municipal pensions are dramatically underfunded as a result. Per Codey, the association is already working with Senate President Sweeney on this initiative. 

Third, Codey wants to work with the necessary stakeholders to reinstate the Council on Affordable Housing (COAH) at the state level, another area where Codey has said the state has dropped the ball and let municipalities down.

Lastly, Codey is hoping to grow the NJMMA member base. He sees the growing participation of women, minorities and young people as important to the organization’s success going forward, as they are the next generation of leaders and a growing section of municipal managers and local government employees.        

Codey has been the administrator in Madison, NJ since 2007. Previously, he was a licensed attorney, a licensed funeral director for many years, and the former Chief of Staff for the Essex County Executive.

Pictured above, NJMMA President and Madison Administrator Ray Codey